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Each River Mirror is created by British artist and designer Caryn Moberly from beautiful pieces of burred elm. The mirrors resemble water flowing between the natural banks of a river.
Caryn uses the natural undulating shape of the tree to form the river banks, and so no two mirrors are the same. All of the mirrors are signed by the artist on the reverse.

Copyright Caryn Moberly registered the design of her first River Mirror in 2001 and has copyright in all of the mirrors she has produced.

Wood source. The wood used to make the mirrors is elm from northern England and Scotland. All of the trees are felled and woodlands managed in accordance with Forestry Commission guidelines. Despite this, the elm is endangered because of Dutch Elm Disease which was responsible for the death of most of the elm trees in England in the 1970s. The disease is now spreading up into Scotland.

Wood information. As the wood has dried out, some splits or cracks may have occurred, particularly along the bark edge of the tree. These occur where there are particular stresses in the wood and are a natural feature of the wood, not a fault.

The wood has been kiln dried so it is suitable for indoor furniture. However it is a natural substance which reacts to heat and humidity. Therefore the mirrors are not recommended for bathrooms or over radiators.

The finished elm has been sealed and lightly waxed. The wood can be lightly waxed with natural beeswax from time to time if desired.

Wood colour. Note that the wood colour may vary on different computer screens and will also appear different in different lighting conditions. If the shade of the wood is crucial, we suggest you come to Henley-on-Thames to view your mirror before purchase.

Also, as with all woods, the colour of the wood may change over time with exposure to sunlight. The natural colour of the wood has not been altered by staining.

Mirror construction. The mirror is made of solid elm, 4 or 6mm mirror glass and either a solid oak frame or lightweight mdf lipped with solid oak. The mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally. The mirrors are all 35 - 37mm thick.

Mirror hanging. The mirrors are very heavy. Take care when lifting. Make sure that a competent person fixes the mirror to the wall using appropriate wall screws and raw plugs. Always use all of the vertical or horizontal fixings.